Welcome to The Maghreb Center Student Blog!

Through Maghreb Center intern and student contributions, this blog includes short essays and analyses of current issues relating to the so-called Arab Spring and its aftermath, in the countries of North Africa (the Maghreb), as well as the surrounding regions of the Middle-East, Africa, and the Mediterranean, as long as they also concern the Maghreb.

Submissions are Always Welcome! 

In addition to papers and essays, the blog welcomes photo diaries and testimonies for publication. A quick glance at our menu bar can direct you towards some of the topics you may want to write about.

The Maghreb Center members, with the help of interns, make up the editorial team. The blog boasts publications from university students from across the United States, and beyond. Yearly calls for submissions strive to maintain the blog up to date on developments in the Maghreb. However, you may want to submit a paper, an essay, photo diaries, and testimonies, for publication at anytime.

If you wish to do so, or if you have questions, please send an email to our intern currently in charge of the blog, Camille Ford, at fordck@bc.edu , with a copy to admnistration@maghrebcenter.org, with “MC Student Blog Contribution” as the subject.

We require that you send us an outline of your paper first, before embarking on writing it.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope to hear from you.

The Maghreb Center Team